Neuroscan Software Tools

2D and 3D coherence between sensors
The Curry 7 Signal Processing Package provides all the tools for processing your EEG, MEG data. Curry uses a database structure that allows for optimized data management. Within the database, subjects can inherit the parent’s parameters, allowing automated processing to be built in to the database. Additionally, CURRY Macros can be developed to handle virtually […]

Curry 7 – Signal Processing

MRI, CT and PET shown in Curry
The Image Processing Package of Curry 7 has been designed especially for those users that work primarily with image data. The package offers a set powerful tools for processing medical 3D image data. Images from two or three modalities can be used simultaneously. Automatic co-registration, segmentation, morphological operations, and meshing are available. In addition by specifying […]

Curry 7 – Image Processing

Curry 7 Neuro Imaging Suite
The CURRY Neuroimaging Suite software is divided into a number of license modules that can stand alone or work together to maximize your lab’s flexibility. The CURRY Neuroimaging Suite provides a new architecture to the software that allows for greatly expanded functions and data handling. Ease of use has also been carefully considered. It has […]

Curry 7 – Signal Processing, Basic & Advanced Source Analysis

Moving dipole analysis in Curry
The Signal Processing and Basic Source Analysis package of Curry 7 offers quite a number of additional useful features compared to the Curry 7 Signal Processing package. One of those features is non-parametric statistical analysis. Non-parametric statistical analysis is becoming more common in single trial EEG and ERP analysis. The advantage of non-parametric statistics is […]

Curry 7 – Signal Processing & Basic Source Analysis