Orion LifeSpan™ MEG System

The Only MEG System that Spans Your Life Time

Our Unique Sensing System For “Lifespan”™ MEG Evaluation

  • The Compumedics Neuroscan Orion LifeSpan™ MEG system uses high 2nd generation axial gradiometers for increased signal to noise ratio
  • Sampling rates from 4-8 kHz; 24 bit and SQUID sensitivity of 3 fT/sqrt(Hz) at 100 Hz
  • 32-128 referential channels of simultaneous EEG, 4-8 bipolar channels, and 2-4 high level input channels of data can be acquired to complement the Orion LifeSpan MEG data

Our Hardware Advantage

  • The unique Orion LifeSpan MEG system is comprised of a dual headed dewar – one each for adults and pediatric patients 3-years old and under
  • Adult dewar contains 175 gradiometers; pediatric dewar contains 130 gradiometers
  • A specially designed chair which has been optimized for patient comfort and data taking
  • Helium reliquification system integrated into the Orion LifeSpan MEG system for reduced running costs
  • Small electronics footprint saves lab space, but also reduces electric power significantly

Our Software Advantage

  • Fully integrated data acquisition via CURRY
  • The latest Curry site license for the Orion LifeSpan™ lab – CURRY is the clinically accepted standard for MEG data analysis
  • STIM2 provides a fully integrated stimulus presentation for identification of eloquent cortex
  • The ability to offload data directly for research purposes provides greater flexibility

Our Development Roadmap

  • System designed for an 8-year development roadmap
  • Over 30 years of CURRY software development continues
  • Exciting upgradeable hardware possibilities with the Orion LifeSpan MEG platform


Key Features

  • Dual header dewar – for adults and pediatric use
  • Adult dewar contains 175 gradiometers, pediatric 130 gradiometers
  • 2nd generation axial gradiometers
  • Sampling rates from 4-8 kHz with 24 bit resolution
  • SQUID sensitivity of 3 fT/sqrt(Hz) at 100 Hz
  • Integrated Helium reliquification
  • 32-128 channels of simultaneous EEG, 4-8 bipolar channel and 2-4 high level inputs
  • CURRY Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Real time event averaging
  • STIM2 Stimulation presentation
  • Synchronized Full-HD digital video


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