128-channels fMRI Compatiable Quik-Cap

Quik-Cap EEG

The 128-channel Micro Maglink Quik-Cap has been specially designed for noise free and reliable concurrent EEG/fMRI recordings. The cap is equipped with integrated safety resistors and additional EOG and ECG bipolar leads.

The cap connects directly to the Micro Maglink system. The layout of the cap is according to the extended 10/20 system.



Part Number: N/A

Product Description

Compumedics Neuroscan offers a variety of Quik-Caps to provide speedy, consistent application of up to 256 electrodes. Quik-Caps are manufactured of highly elastic breathable Lycra material with soft neoprene electrode gel reservoirs for enhanced patient comfort. All electrodes are placed according to the International 10-20 electrode placement standard.

Quik-Caps are available in a variety of electrode configurations from 12 to 256 channels as well as in different sizes to meet every lab requirement.

Compumedics Neuroscan strongly recommends the use of Ag/Ag/Cl – sintered electrodes because of their durability and ease of cleaning and re-use. Each cap offering is designed to cover a specific range of sizes. Please specify the range you require.

Custom configurations are available upon request and have a one time non-refundable engineering fee.

Specifications 128-channels fMRI Compatiable Quik-Cap

fMRI Compatible


EEG Channels


Bipolar Channels



Child, Medium, Large

Electrode Material

Ag/AgCl – sintered

Method of Application


Ground Electrode



SynAmps 2/RT

Connector Type

Amphenol (2x)

Cap Adapter

For SynAmps 2/RT: none required