NuAmps 40-channel Amplifier

NuAmps is a high-quality and inexpensive 40-channel digital EEG amplifier that is capable of sampling up to 1000Hz. Signal are digitized with a 22-bit resolution with a frequency range from DC to 260Hz. It is fully compatible with the SCAN and CURRY software and includes a 12-bit TTL trigger input port for synchronizing with external stimulators such as the STIM2 system for ERP measurements. Since NuAmps interfaces via USB, it is simple to install and configure and requires no separate power supply.

The NuAmps ampli­fier is small size, with big features at about the size and weight of a paper­back book (1.3 lbs.).

The NuAmps system has CE Class IIa medical certification and FDA approval.


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The NuAmps Amplifier offers a portable and easy to use solution without compromising quality. The NuAmps advanced digital circuitry and USB power source ensures quiet recordings in any environment. In fact, coupled with a laptop, you are truly free to record “ in the field” as the NuAmps will utilize a laptop PC for power.

The NuAmps is a DC-coupled, 22 bit, monopolar amplifier, allowing you to record high quality EEG and ERP data. The bandwidth and sampling rate of the NuAmps also allow you to record other physiologic signals as well, such as EMG, EKG, EOG and ERG.

TTL level triggers can be used to record up to 255 discrete event markers allowing you to use the Neuroscan STIM2 or other stimulus generation tools for eliciting ERPs. The NuAmps supports either individual electrodes through Touch-Proof connectors, or the QuikCap, via a high density connector.

NuAmps Features

  • The NuAmps is designed as a portable system that obtains power from a laptop computer (USB). Comput­ers powered by the AC wall power supply require the optional isola­tion trans­former to meet FDA patient safety guide­lines.
  • 40 monopolar/referential EEG/EP channels, all channels can be derived as bipolar in real time.
  • Integrated 22-bit analog to digital conversion.
  • Sampling rate of 1000 Hz on all channels.
  • Individual delta sigma analog to digital conversion to eliminate phase error.
  • DC coupled acquisition on all channels.
  • Input range +/- 130 mV with sensitivity of 61 nV (19x gain).
  • Common mode rejection greater then 100dB.
  • Noise less than 4 microvolts peak-to-peak.
  • Automated DC correction via software interface.
  • Linear optical signal isolation.
  • Acceptance of 255 stimulus-type codes, 16 response-type codes.
  • Easy connec­tion the high density cap connec­tor or the indi­vid­ual Touch Proof connec­tors on the face of the ampli­fier.
  • Real time scalp imped­ance measurement.
  • Standard USB interface.
  • Software control of all acquisition functions

Specifications NuAmps 40-channel Amplifier

Max Number of Channels


EEG Channels




Max Sampling Rate

1000 Hz

Sampling Rate (Hz)

100, 200, 250, 500, 1000


DC-260 Hz



Input Range

260 mV


61 nV

Input Impedance

>100 MOhm

Common Mode Rejection (CMRR)

>100 dB

Noise (peak-to-peak)

<4 uV

Impedance Check



16-bit TTL

Headcap Connector


Recording Interface




Medical Certification

CE Class IIb, FDA

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