Overview of all Neuroscan Amplifiers

The table below describes the main features and differences in the amplifiers Neuroscan offers.


SynAmps Grael NuAmps Siesta
Max Number of Channels 280 60 40 36
Total Number of Channels per Unit 70 60 40 32
Number of EEG Channels 64 per unit 32 40 32
Bipolar Channels (dedicated) 4 per unit 8 Configurable
Auxiliar Inputs (High Level Inputs, HLI) 2 per unit 8 4
Extra Inputs Various PSG parameters Oximeter, Heartrate
Shielding of Inputs Leads No No No No
Reference / Common Average Ref Ref Ref Ref
Requires active electrodes No No No No
Sampling rate (max) 20kHz 4096Hz 1000Hz 1024Hz
Bandwidth DC-3500Hz DC-700Hz DC-200Hz
Resolution 24-bit 24-bit 22-bit 16-bit
Input range (Peak to Peak) 400mV (DC mode)
1.9mV (AC mode)
User selectable (from 300mV peak to peak to 3.0V peak to peak in 4 steps) 260mV 2mV to 500mV
(5 modes)
Sensitivity 24nV (DC mode)
3nV (AC mode)
Depends on input range mode 61nV Depends on input range mode
Input Impedance >10GOhm >100MOhm >100MOhm >10MOhm
Common Mode Rejection (CMRR) >110dB >100dB >100dB >100dB
Noise (peak to peak) <0.5uV (DC mode) <2uV  <4uV <2uV
Trigger 16-bit TTL 8-bit TTL 16-bit TTL 1-bit TTL
Impedance Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interface to Recording system USB Ethernet USB Wifi
Power supply Isolation Transformer Power over Ethernet Via USB 4-AA batteries (rechargeable)
Cerfication Medical Device
CE class IIa, FDA
Medical Device
CE class IIa, FDA
Medical Device
CE class IIa, FDA
Medical Device
CE class IIa, FDA
SynAmps Grael NuAmps Siesta