Curry 7 – Module Overview

Curry integrates multiple complementary imaging modalities such as EEG, ECoG, MEG, MRI, fMRI, CT. By combining the latest techniques for determining electrical activity in the brain with anatomical and functional imaging, Curry provides a powerful new method for accurately localizing the source of such activity. Curry uses the full physical anatomy from MR and CT to provide three-dimensional models of the head and brain, pinpointing the site of activity. Curry integrates fMRI functional imaging with EEG and MEG source analysis. Curry can be used on PCs and laptops running Windows XP or later. It is aimed at functional mapping and diagnosis of brain activity. However, the functionality offered and the evolutionary nature of Curry also make it suitable for wider application.

Curry has a modular design. The more modules you purchase, the more functionality you will have available. The modules are:

  • X: Data Acquisition
  • S: Signal Processing
  • B: Basic Analysis
  • R: Advanced Analysis (Research)
  • A: Advanced Analysis (Complete)

Missing modules can be purchased and activated later. The data acquisition module X can be combined with each of the packages that has the signal processing module S (i.e. XS, XSB, XSBA).

For all packages a standalone version or network license is available. A NETWORK license allows multiple computers to access a single license dongle and use any available Curry Neuroimaging Suite module. A license dongle with all features can be shared over a local area network (LAN) and could then allow one computer to acquire data, another to conduct signal processing and a third to process structural data.


Curry Feature Matrix

Functionality X   S   SB   SBR   SBA  BA 1)
Database x x x x x x
Reporting Tool x x x x x x
MATLAB Interface x x x x x x
Tasks and Workflow x x x x x x
Macros / Batch Processing x x x x x
EEG Data Acquisition x  2) 2)  2)  2)
Signal Processing x x x x
Combination of EEG and MEG  x
Component Analysis (PCA/ICA) x x x x
Sensor Coherence x x x x
Source Coherence x x
Dipole fits x x x
Dipole and Beamformer Scans x
Current Density Reconstructions x 3) x
Statistical Analysis x x x
Pre-computed Realistic Head Models x x x
Individual Head Models x x 4)
Built-in Gross Average MRI x x x x
Tailarach coordinates / Brain Atlas x x x x
Multiple Image Modalities (MRI/CT/PET) x x
Advanced Image Processing x x


  1. Image processing only (Curry 7 I)
  2. The data acquisition module X can be combined with each of the packages that has the signal processing module S (i.e. XS, XSB, XSBA)
  3. With the exception of (s,e)LORETA , L1 Norm , Lp Norm
  4. Create only

Special Modules

  • “V”: Video Recording (requires “X”)
  • “E”: Express Edition (limits Signal Processing to 40 channels, 1 kHz sampling rate)