Compumedics Neuroscan Neurodiagnostics

A Comprehensive Epilepsy Solution In a Single Seamless Platform. Compumedics and Neuroscan prod­ucts are emerg­ing as the stan­dard in facil­i­ties who require a single data acqui­si­tion and analy­sis system that can combine the best of clin­i­cal neurol­ogy and neuro­science, as well as the premiere hybrid of both disci­plines. We continue to strive toward advanced prod­ucts that offer no compro­mises, whether applied in the research labo­ra­tory or in clin­i­cal settings.

Neuvo LTM


The Ulti­mate Long-term EEG Moni­tor­ing System.

From 64 to, now, 512 chan­nels of EEG, the Neuvo LTM system exceeds all your previ­ous expec­ta­tions. Born from and inte­grated with the Neuroscan Brain Research tech­nolo­gies, Neuvo provides that seamless transition for clinical neuroscience.

Profusion 4 EEG


Unlim­ited poten­tial in routine and LTM EEG.

An advanced user-friendly inter­face provides the user with reports, mapping, template match­ing and multi­ple high reso­lu­tion video windows. Open your clinical EEG files in Curry with a single click. Func­tions with all Compumedics EEG amplifiers.

Profusion Nexus


Complete labo­ra­tory manage­ment system of patient data and labo­ra­tory control for class lead­ing effi­ciency. Includes manage­ment of appoint­ments, wait­lists, process work­flow, disk space and labo­ra­tory resources.

Grael-HD EEG System


High defi­n­i­tion EEG for the Clin­i­cal World.

Reli­able and flex­i­ble EEG stud­ies for the office, clinic or hospital. The Grael EEG system is ideal for clin­i­cal and LTM EEG.


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