CURRY NeuroImaging Suite Selected as Standard Platform for E-PILEPSY Project

E-PilepsyCompumedics is pleased to announce that the E-PILEPSY consortium, pan-European project targeting advanced methods in epilepsy diagnosis, has selected CURRY as the standard platform to be used by all participants in the consortium.

The E-PILEPSY consortium is a pan-European project funded by the DG Sanco with the primary aim of improving and harmonising surgical treatment for drug resistant focal epilepsy across Europe. E-PILEPSY has established a consortium of 13 centers as associate partners, with a further 15 collaborating centers to drive this project. The primary outcome of the project is to increase the number and proportion of European children and adults cured of their refractory epilepsy by improving delivery of optimal epilepsy surgery throughout Europe.

Another objective of the project is harmonization of best practices in pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy patients. Neuroimaging plays an important role in pre-surgical evaluation. As such, the E-PILEPSY project investigates the best methods and software platforms for EEG, ECoG and MEG source localization and associated image co-registration functionality. As part of the project, CURRY 7 was considered as a key candidate. After careful evaluation by the consortium, CURRY 7 was chosen as the package for handling all the processing and visualization of the patient data sets.

CURRY NeuroImaging Suite, developed by Compumedics Neuroscan, will be implemented at a central facility accessible by all network members throughout Europe. This platform will function both as a tool for expert-assisted source localization for evaluation of individual patients and as well as a learning facility to obtain distributed knowledge and skills for all members of the consortium, based on harmonized methods.

Compumedics Neuroscan is very proud to be able to contribute to the E-PILEPSY project and looks forward to working closely together with all members of the E-PILEPSY consortium. The adoption of CURRY by the E-PILEPSY project reflects the ongoing growth of CURRY as the new Standard of Care for the evaluation of Epilepsy.

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