Electrode Digitization

Knowing the exact locations of your electrodes is essential for the analysis of your EEG and MEG data, such as source reconstruction or co-registration of your EEG/MEG data with image data. Compumedics Neuroscan offers different solutions for digitization of the electrode positions. The procedure of the electrode digitization is completely integrated in the CURRY Package and allows fast digitization of the electrode position with high accuracy.

CURRY 8 supports the NDI Polaris Vicra, Spectra and Krios devices, as well as the Polhemus FasTrak device for digitizing electrode and fiducial positions. CURRY 8 also provides full integration of the NDI Krios device. A quick comparison between the supported devices is shown below; each device has its own characteristics and advantage.

Electrode digitization hardware

CURRY 8 – Electrode Digitization Made Easy

Digitization electrodes in CURRY 8 is done in an efficient and accurate manner. Whether you are interested in measuring 32 electrode positions or would like to capture a full set of 256 channels, CURRY makes sure this is done swiftly.

Features and Benefits
(may vary depending on the hardware used)

  • Faster digitization of electrode positions by estimating full cap-positions from only a subset of measured electrodes
  • Digitizer workflow integrated in EEG data collection allows fast and intuitive capturing of electrode positions while recording.
  • The digitizer workflow can also be started from the Signal Processing as well as the Localize Modules of CURRY. It can also can be used as a stand-alone tool without the need of other Neuroscan products.
  • Landmarks (nasion, left and right preauricular) and headshape positions are measured for accurate co-registration with image data such as MRI
  • Real-time feedback on the standard deviation of the measured position
  • Measured positions can be checked for plausibility to help detecting mistakes.
  • Stylus gestures for easy navigation through digitizing procedure
  • Computer voice announces each electrode label and gives auditory feedback for each collected position
  • Advanced speech recognition allows hands-free operation
  • Collected positions are conveniently stored in Curry data format and can be exported as ASCII file for further processing

Quick Comparison Digitization Hardware

 SystemBenefitsComponentsHead Movement Compensation
NDI KriosVery accurate, fast and easy free-hand digitization without needing head trackers. Automatic channel labeling reduces risk of mislabeled channels.Hand held device which is moved around head for capturing all positions.Yes
NDI SpectraVery accurate digitizer. System adjusts for head movements. Reference tool and stylus easy to handle.Device, probe and head tracker. Probe and head tracker are passive and “wireless”.Yes
NDI VicraAccurate digitizer which takes into account head movements. Reference tool and stylus are easy to handle. Has a smaller measurement volume than the Spectra.Device, probe and head tracker. Probe and head tracker are passive and “wireless”.Yes
Polhemus FastrakConventional digitizer, with high accuracy and head movement correction.Device, probe and three head trackers. Probe and head tracker are wired.Yes