SynAmps RT 128-channel Amplifier

SynAmps RT is the one of the latest EEG, ERP and EP amplifier from Compumedics Neuroscan. Using the most current technology, the RT builds on the quality of the past SynAmps series of amplifiers and extends the specifications beyond anything that has come before.

SynAmps RT sets a new standard in amplifier technology, providing a system suitable for recording everything from high sampling rate (20,000 Hz) Auditory Brain Stem recordings and Spike Spindles to true DC recordings of CNV and P300.

The SynAmps RT also serves as the recommended platform for recording in the MRI and MEG, in conjunction with the Micro MagLink RT system. SynAmps RT includes clock synchronization circuitry, allowing the amplifier to synch with other devices, such as MR scanners, more precisely, without the need for very fast acquisition rates.

SynAmps RT can be used in conjunction with the CURRY software, providing a complete acquisition and analysis system, or with the ACCESS SDK, allowing user’s custom built software to control and acquire data from the system.

SynAmps RT can also be used with the STIM2 system for integrated and accurate stimulus presentation or will accept TTL pulses from third party systems.

SynAmps RT can be used with the QuikCap, to provide fast and simple electrode placement or will accept any touch proof electrode as well. Grid, depth and microelectrodes may also be used with the SynAmps RT.

The SynAmps RT system has CE Class IIb medical certification and FDA approval.


Channel Count Per Headbox: 64 Monopolar, 4 Bipolar, 2 High Level
Utilizing the latest technology, SynAmps RT allows for discrete monopolar and bipolar channels, enhancing the flexibility of recordings. Additional high level inputs are isolated to allow voltage level signals to be merged with the physiological data. Linking headboxes together allows more than 500 channels to be recorded.

A 128-channel SynAmps RT EEG system consists of two headboxes, with 140 channels in total.

A fully isolated, programmable bipolar excitation supply is also provided capable of supplying up to +/- 10VDC at 100mA to external bridges or measurement devices.

Maximum Sampling Rate: 20,000 Per Channel all channels driven
Faster sampling rates allow for more accurate sampling of the analog data being recorded. Signals such as Auditory Brain Stem Response require these faster rates, while typical ERP measures benefit from increased resolution.

Sampling Method: All Channels Sampled Simultaneously
Current technology eliminates the problems associated with sample and hold circuits. Utilizing a dedicated 24-bit A to D chip for each channel, the SynAmps RT enhances resolution and accuracy of each sample by ensuring a more valid measure of the data without decay or skew.

The 24-bit resolution allows for even the most subtle differences in amplitude to be measured accurately.

Recording Bandwidth: DC to 3500 Hz
Many slow potentials (i.e., P300, MMN, CNV) have components that can only be measured accurately using a DC amplifier. DC amplifiers are also not subject to the AC coupled, filter time constant that distorts recordings after an artifact. The high frequency end of the SynAmps RT’s range allows for more accurate recording of the fastest frequencies.

Active Noise Cancellation: Utilizing advanced driven reference technology
SynAmps RT sets a new standard for amplifier design, both in terms of safety and signal quality. Actively sampling environmental noise, and applying an antiphase signal to eliminate that noise, elevates the CMRR to unprecedented levels. This technology also provides increased patient protection.

Recording in fMRI Environments: Integration with the Micro MagLink RT System
The same amplifier that is used in standard recording environments can also be used to record EEG data in the MRI by interfacing to the Micro MagLink RT system. SynAmps RT was built with enough input range and accuracy to sample both the EEG and the fMRI artifact with sufficient resolution to remove the artifact and ensure the EEG is left intact.

>10 G Ohm Input Impedance: Allows standard impedance or fast preparation to be obtained
SynAmps RT allows you to choose on a subject by subject basis to prepare the scalp electrode impedance to the scientifically accepted levels or to record with high impedance, due to time or subject constraints. This flexibility allows you the option to maximize your data collection for each subject and collect the best data the situation allows.

Portability and Integration: Small Package, big features
Digital amplifiers are typically small and thus portable, but portability also means unpredictable environmental noise. SynAmps RT has built in technology to function even in the worst electromagnetic fields. Custom solutions such as Mu metal shielding are available to ensure data quality even under hostile conditions.

Specifications SynAmps RT 128-channel Amplifier

Max Number of Channels


EEG Channels


Bipolar Channels


Analog Inputs (HLI)



DC, AC (2 modes)

Max Sampling Rate

20 kHz

Sampling Rate (Hz)

100, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 1250, 2000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000


DC-3500 Hz



Input Range

400 mV (DC mode), 1.9 mV (AC mode)


24 nV (DC mode), 3 nV (AC mode)

Input Impedance

>10 GOhm

Common Mode Rejection (CMRR)

>110 dB

Noise (peak-to-peak)

<0.5 uV (DC mode)

Impedance Check



16-bit TTL

TMS Compatible


tACS/tDCS Compatible


fMRI Compatible

Yes, in combination with the Micro Maglink system

MEG Compatible

Yes, in combination with the Micro Maglink system

Device Synchronization

A maximum of four headboxes can be connected to a single system unit and allow recording of multiple subjects; one subject per headbox, maximum four per system unit, 2 system units can be combined to allow for 512 channels total or 8 subjects.

External clock Sync

Yes, optional via IMECSU

Headcap Connector


Recording Interface



Isolation Transformer

Medical Certification

CE Class IIb, FDA

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