Electrode digitization in CURRY 7

Knowing the exact locations of your electrodes is essential for advanced analysis, such as source reconstruction or co-registration of your EEG/MEG data. Compumedics Neuroscan has a highly accurate digitizer system based on 3D position measurement with infrared light. This technique has been used in the field of surgical navigation for years and provides the highest accuracy in 3D positioning.


Features and Benefits

  • Accurate 3D optical measurement system based on infrared light
  • Easy to use wireless tools for pinpointing electrode positions and monitoring head movements of the subject
  • Digitizer workflow integrated in EEG data collection allows fast and intuitive capturing of electrode positions
  • Landmarks (nasion, left and right preauricular) and headshape positions are measured for accurate co-registration with image data such as MRI
  • Real-time feedback on the standard deviation of the measured position
  • Stylus gestures for easy navigation through digitizing procedure
  • Computer voice announces each electrode label and gives auditory feedback for each collected position
  • Advanced speech recognition allows hands-free operation
  • Collected positions are conveniently stored in Curry data format and can be exported as ASCII file for further processing