CURRY 9 X – Data Acquisition and Online Processing

The CURRY 9 X Data Acquisition package is an easy-to-use and reliable tool for EEG data recording and online processing. All the features required for data acquisition are supported; for instance impedance check, online filtering, real-time event averaging, real-time fMRI/TMS artefact correction and many more. Using the TCP/IP interface, data is immediately available to other packages (for instance Matlab) and allows for BCI applications.

CURRY data files are fully compatible with EEGLAB.


The CURRY Neuroimaging Suite software is divided into several modules that can stand alone or work together to maximize your lab’s flexibility. The Acquire and Online Signal Processing package consists of all primary features and functions needed for acquiring high-quality EEG/EP/ERP data and online/real-time processing.

Acquisition in CURRY is enhanced with easier, more flexible, and more advanced tools for on-line data processing, with up to 512 channels and sampling rates up to 20 kHz.

CURRY will support EEG data acquisition with SynAmps 2/RT, Siesta, NuAmps, Neuvo, Grael, and E-Series amplifiers. Each amplifier has its own set-up image to ensure ease of use in setting the system.

Online Artifact Reduction for up to five types of artifact can be applied simultaneously, letting you verify the quality of the data while the subject is still connected. Artifacts include blinks, pulse artifact, MR gradient artifact, ballistocardiogram, and bad blocks. Reduction methods include Subtraction, Covariance, PCA, and ICA.

On-line averaging is enhanced, with the ability to extract both standard TTL triggered and conditional averages. Averages can be overlaid and compared directly on-line. Data processing can be applied and those optimized parameters can be saved for off-line application.

Impedance testing is available without interrupting data acquisition, and is provided in a simple visual display with values for each electrode.

Stream live to Matlab or via TCP/IP protocol (listener CURRY, Matlab, custom software), suitable for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and related applications.

The start and stop of recording, and the impedance test procedure can be controlled through the stimulus presentation software.

CURRY data files are compatible with EEGLAB.

Convert recordings into other formats (such as EDF or CNT) from within the acquisition software.

Specifications CURRY 9 X – Data Acquisition and Online Processing

CURRY Module(s)




Tasks, Workflow and Scope


Reporting Tool


Matlab Interface


EEG Data Acquisition


Impedance Check


Online Filtering


Online Artefact Detection


Online Averaging


Montage Support


Sychronized Video


Real-time fMRI artefact correction

Ballistocardiogram, MR Gradient Artefact Correction

Real-time Matlab Interface


TCP/IP Interface


Quick impedance check


Data format

CURRY Compressed

Data export


Stimulation Control

Stimulation package can start/stop recording and start/stop impedance check by sending dedicated triggers to recording software