The Scan package for EEG data acquisition and analysis has been in use for more than 20 years; it has been the mainstay of Neuroscan software products. The release of the CURRY Neuroimaging Suite (CURRY 7) marks the transition from Scan to Curry 7, as Curry 7 subsumes the functionality of SCAN.

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Ongoing studies at the Oxford Baby Lab are employing Neuroscan Systems to better understand the processing and development of language in infants. We are proud to provide the technology to advance the understanding of brain and language development and neural plasticity at Oxford and other similar research facilities around the world. Watch a short documentary […]

Developmental Science at University of Oxford

When Neuroscan’s Scan software was released in the early 1990’s, it heralded a new generation in EEG and ERP research. Since the initial release, Scan has been adapted to multiple generations of Microsoft OS evolutionary stages from DOS through to Windows XP and Windows 7. However with recent Windows upgrades, and continuous improvement in the […]

Evolution from SCAN to Curry Acquisition & Analysis